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Happy Thursday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you a review on this Makeup Brush cleaning pad that I found at my local TJ Maxx. Can you believe this was only $5.50. I have seen this retail for $24-$34. I think that’s ridiculous since it’s going to get stained and is going to need to be replaced in a few years or so.











Overall I am in love with this product. It has made my cleaning process go much more smoother. I feel like it also cuts down on time if you tend to wash a bajillion brushes like me. One thing I will point out is that if you was foundations brushes some foundations may stain the silicon that this product is made of. So don’t expect it to be clean and stain free forever.

What do you use to clean your brushes? Have you ever tried a similar product like this one?

Have a wonderful day and I will see you all tomorrow!


10 thoughts on “Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad

  1. Love the post! This is so great. I’ve been really wanting one of these for my brushes and might just get myself one.

    Would love it if you would check out my blog 💖💖

  2. I need something to clean my makeup brushes with so might have to give this a go! Shame on the price! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x

  3. I found one of these on Ebay for about $7 and I love it! It has completely changed how I wash my brushes. Makeup Geek sells a similar product but as a mitt and its like $40!!! So outrageous for a piece of rubber. It’s good to know these are easy to find cheap. xo J

  4. That sounds interesting, I haven’t used a makeup cleaning pad before. Right now I use lavender baby shampoo, I tried the eco tools makeup wipes, but it didn’t do a good job.

    1. When I first heard about this I was very skeptical because I’ve always used my hand to scrub my brushes. I really enjoyed using this more affordable brush cleaning pad. It actually made my brush cleaning time be cut down by a few extra minutes because I didn’t have to scrub as long with my hand. Thanks for stopping by!

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