Pinterest Recipe: Nutela Mini Pancakes Kabobs


Happy Wednesday Everyone! 

Today I am bringing back a series I love so much the Pinterest recipes. This series is where I take awesome Pinterest recipes that I stumble upon and recreate them. I recap them for you and tell you how it all went. So here is the original recipe incase you want to recreate these as well.

My roommates and I hosted a house warming party this past Saturday and these were a hit. They don’t look picture perfect like the original recipe, but they sure tasted amazing. It takes great skill to get your pancakes perfectly round. If you can accomplish that I salute you my good madame/sir!




Overall I highly recommend these. If you want a fun snack for a party or just as a nice treat for yourself try these.

I hope you all enjoyed the revival of this series. Let me know what kinds of recipes you want me to try next.

Have a great day!




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