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Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day, As you walk around today thinking about all the love that is being shown all around you I want to take a moment and focus on you! Yes you. Often times we tend to over look ourselves because we focus on others. Well I thought it would be appropriate to switch that up and share some ways that I do self care. Self Care is a term that we use regularly in social work and basically it means how are we taking care of ourselves. How are we replenishing our glass to be able to keep giving? Anyone in the working profession can tell you when you just give and give you burn out and that’s exactly what can happen in life if we don’t take care of ourselves we can and we will burn out.

#1: Pamper yourself

Okay so I know not everyone likes to pamper themselves, but hear me out when I say that when you feel good you actually de-stress and tend to accomplish more. So if you have been meaning to get that haircut or get your nails done do it! Spending time on yourself is one of the best investments you can do.

#2: Take time to do something you enjoy

Lately I have been reading and blogging a lot more because I know both of those things help reduce my stress and give me at least 30 min to a 1 hour of time where nothing else is pressing. Finding the time to achieve this is hard but totally worth it.


#3: Enjoy a treat!

Take the time to treat yourself to your favorite treat and if you have the time to make it that’s even better. I opted to get some freshly baked cupcakes at my local bakery.


#4: Take a moment to B R E A T H 

A way that I enjoy taking a breath is by meditating and I use this wonderful app that gives me a 5 minute guided meditation that leaves me feeling calm and ready to tackle my day or the next part of my day.

I hope this was a good reminder to take sometime for yourself this week! You are important and you need to make sure that you are looking after yourself.

What is your favorite way to do self care?

Have a great Valentine’s Day!


8 thoughts on “Taking Care of One’s self

  1. That cupcake looks delicious, ways I de-stress if by cooking myself something delicious through a recipe on Pinterest, catching up on a favorite show, reading a good book or journaling :).

    1. The cupcake was absolutely amazing! I absolutely love to try new Pinterest recipes and pairing that with my current favorite shows. Great minds think alike :). Thanks for stopping by!

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