My Everyday Makeup- February


Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you my everyday Makeup routine. I had been using a bunch of new products at the beginning of January, but that was taking up too much time of my morning. I decided to create a look that I could wear everyday since I knew my time would be limited with grad school starting back up again. So here is what I came up with, hopefully you all enjoy.

I want to remind you that sometimes the basics are better than the extra fluff products we are being told to buy. This month try using some of your tried and true products and cut sometime in your beauty routine.

The product I used: 


Here is what I did to achieve this look:




I absolutely love how simple yet versatile this look is and I can change the lip color when I choose to tone it down or dress it up.

What are your go to products for a quick and easy everyday makeup look?

Have a great day!


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