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Today I am sharing a few goodies that I picked from Colourpop a few days ago. I will have a comprehensive review of each of these products because I feel like everyone raves about these products but no one seems to put them to the test of the average woman’s needs. YES the price point is great, but how do they compare to some other affordable drugstore makeup? We shall find out and report back to you all.





Have you ever tried Colorpop before? What are your thoughts on this brand and their products?

Have a great day!


5 thoughts on “COLOURPOP Haul

  1. I own 2 of the satin lip formulas and 3 of the ultra matte lip, personally for $6 i think it’s a steal since they last all day and have a nice range of colors, some people might not be comfortable with the dry heavy feeling the ultra matte one causes on their lips, but they have other formulas for that reason. Thanks for posting, can’t wait for the review! 🙂

  2. I’m a fan of colourpop, I’ve tried one of their super shock eyeshadows (Beverly) and I loved it. I like their lippie stix and ultra matte lips and their ultra satin lips. The price is inexpensive which is a plus for me, however the formula for the ultra matte lip can be more drying than I would prefer.

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