Resolutions and why I’m not making any.


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

At this point we have survived a of four days of 2017 and many of the things we set out to achieve have already been challenged or forgotten and that’s okay. Every year I see a handful of people say this year will be different and things will change when the clock strikes midnight and then we enter January 1st and nothing changes. Guess what only a few of us actually do something about those goals w set out to do. The more pressure we feel to change the more we aren’t going to do it. Think about it if you really want to change that badly you would have already done it, or at least have started those goals. That’s why this year I am not making any New Years resolutions because I KNOW I can’t keep them.


So that’s why I am going to focus on the following things this year (these are things I know have to happen and will do so in a timely manner and most importantly when they need to happen)

  1. Graduate from Graduate School on May 18th.
  2. Apply for a full time job (actually apply for many full time jobs and hope I get interviews)
  3. Go to India and Nepal
  4. Be present at all of the weddings I have been invited to
  5. Move for the third time to a bigger apartment with less roommates
  6. Enjoy the little things
  7. Turn 27 on August 18th


Hopefully this helps anyone that’s on the fence about setting up resolutions or wants to better themselves but is fearful of change. You can become a better person without all the pressure the New Year brings just take it one step at a time.



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