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Happy Monday Everyone!

A few days have passed since the United States elected their new president and I like many were in shock that Donald Trump was elected the next president of the United States. I had very mixed emotions. Mostly bad ones because if everything he said in the campaign trail came true my family would be impacted. As a HispanicLatina (his words not mine!) I am a minority in this country and I often times get discriminated and made fun of for my culture. I got the privileged to vote on Tuesday and I did so keeping in mind that not only will I be impacted, but my family and those people around me who don’t have a voice.

As I sit here on Thursday night I want to say the following words a old roommate of mine posted on his facebook.

“President Donald Trump has my unity. He and our Congress have my support as they do their work to try and fix the economy, our place within the world, and put people back to work. He is our President, and I respect that office and what it represents.

What President Trump does NOT have is a free pass. He has used extremely damaging language during his campaign, and calling for unity now does not forgive that. He has threatened people for the way they look, the way they feel, and for circumstances beyond their control. A lot of people have a lot of reason to be sick and worried.

But America is a place for all. In my lifetime, our vigilance to that idea has never been more important. Our engagement in political discourse, our willingness to challenge our leaders when they step out of line, and our acceptance and protection of one another as fellow Americans with human needs and undeniable rights is now required.” – Jeff Dedrick

As we move forward I just wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts on this topic. I consider this blog a online journal about everything I want to share. I promise my beauty post will be back on Wednesday.

Have a great day!


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