Affordable Fall Decorations


Happy Monday/Halloween! 

Today I am sharing with you all a few ways i have managed to bring Fall into my home this season. This type of post was well received last year and I wanted to do it again. If you are curious as to what I did last year check it out here.

This year I didn’t have a mantel to play with, but I did managed to add some sprinkle of Fall without a mantel.



Items on dinning room table:

-Mini Pumpkin from local pumpkin patch

-Table Runner Dollar Spot from Target

-Candle from Dollar Tree

-Salt shakers Marshall’s

-Leaf garland from Michael’s Arts and Crafts

-LED Orange Candles A.C Moore Arts and Crafts




Items on the table:

-Flowers from A.C. Moore Craft store

-Fabric pumpkins from A.C. Moore Craft Store

-Glass bottles from Dollar Tree

-Marble Pumpkin from Target

I know this year I didn’t get to do much on the inside, but I am so excited how it all turned out and I can’t wait for next year’s decoration possibility. Now let me sit her and wait patiently for Christmas!

Are you excited for Christmas decorating as much as I am?

Have a great day!


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