Boscia White Charcoal Mattifying Makeup Setting Spray


Happy Friday Everyone!

 Today I am sharing my thoughts on this new makeup setting spray. As you all know I have super oily skin. I am always on the hunt for products that can help my face stay matte a little bit longer. I know that there will never be a product that completely takes away my oiliness, but there are a few that do help.


Product details:

-A fine mist that minimizes pores, gently mattifies, and sets makeup while keeping skin hydrated.

-White Charcoal helps keep moisture locked in and provides long-term skin benefits.

-Skin is left shine-free yet hydrated, and makeup is locked in place.


I bought this not really hoping for much. I have tried so many products and I was a bit skeptical. What is this white charcoal ? Can it really help my oiliness?

I have started using this before I apply my powder and I have noticed quite a difference. This spray dries within minutes and does not leave any type of residue. I love that you can get a smaller size to try it out & to travel with for only $12. You can purchase a bigger size for $38 here.

Overall I see myself repurchasing this again. I am curious to see what will happen when I use this in the colder months and if I still notice a difference.

Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts? What is your go to setting spray? 

Have a great day!


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