D.I.Y Pillows


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I am completely obsessed with DIY’s right now. I know last Monday I posted a similar D.I.Y where I customized a pencil pouch well I knew I had to try this on a much larger scale so I’m back at it again but this time with pillows! I actually made these for my cousin to gift to her for her birthday. She is moving into her own apartment and I figured it would be fitting to incorporate some school pride and a cute fun saying.

I purchased Ikea pillow covers and pillow inserts and then followed this video step by step.  They even provide the stencil of the Good Vibes Only pillow.








I promise not to post any more D.I.Y’s for a while. I just had to share how cute these turned out!

Any D.I.Y’s you think I should try? Any D.I.Y blogs you recommend?

Have a great day!


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