L.A Colors: Color Last Nail Polish Review


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I am reviewing the new L.A Colors Color Last Nail Polish in Keepsake. I was picking up a few things from the drugstore and I found that L.A Color had brought out a new line of nail polishes and I was curious. I limited my shopping to one particular color since I have most of the other shades in the line.


The color is a beautiful brighter pastel orange and I love how it looks in the bottle.




My first impression of this product is that for the $1.98 I paid for it gave me exactly that. This polish has a huge brush and it makes it really hard to stay within your nail bed. I had to clean around my nail more than with any other polish I own. The other things I hated is that when I applied the second coat the polish went on streaky and clumpy. I had to make sure the brush was loaded with polish to avoid uneven polish strokes.

I can’t attest to the 10 day wear, but I will keep you all posted if it miraculously does stay on for 10 days.


Have you tried this new polish line out? Any drugstore polish line you recommend? 

I hope you have a great day!


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