How To: A Tassel Garland (Step by Step)


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Two weeks ago I got the pleasure of throwing one of my closest friends a bridal shower. I did a ton of DIY’s and I wanted to share a few post explaining my experience. First off is this super easy step by step tassel garland. This is a super cheap way to decorate any space.


Step 1: Fold a single sheet of tissue paper in the middle (Hot dog style).


Step 2: Fold it again in half (hamburger style).



Step 3: Begin to cut 1/2 a inch strips leaving 3 inches at the top. Make sure that you start to cut at the end that does not have the folded crease!



Step 4: Open up your cut tissue paper and cut the long strip that is in the middle to match the other strips you have previously cut and instead of stopping 3 inches from the top cut all the way. You will have to pieces of cut tissue paper as seen in the 2nd picture above.



Step 5: Open up the cut tissue paper and roll it inward forming a burrito. Un tangle the cut strips as you roll.



Step 6: Twist the 3 inch that you left uncut and fold in half to have a place to feed the string through.




Step 7: Feed the string through your untapped tassel and tape leaving enough space for you to move the tassel if desired. Remember that you always wrap more tape to tighten it, but you cannot remove the tape if it is too tight and you can’t move it on your string.


Step 8: Continue this step 1-7 until you have the desired number of tassels. Feel free to customize them with as many colors as you want.

Have a great day and I will see you on Friday !



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