Review: Wet n Wild Coverall Primer


Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I am reviewing a drugstore face primer that I have been using for the last month and a half and I feel like I can finally give a honest review. I picked up this primer on a random drugstore run I did and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be something that would work with my oily skin.

Before I started using this primer i was using a Hard Candy primer for oily skin and I loved it, but I ran out and could not find it anywhere near were I live so I had to find another primer for the time being.


In walks in the Wet n Wild Coverall Primer this was a new spring release and I figured for $4.99 it wan’t a bad buy. Overall I can say that it isn’t the best for oily skin, but it makes sure your makeup doesn’t budge.


Here are a few Pro’s I found while testing this primer: 

-It creates a smooth base for your foundation

-The primer sets within a few seconds after you apply it.

-It doesn’t have any weird smell.

The Con’s I found while testing this primer out:

-The formula is more for normal to dry skin


Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post this is a great affordable primer just not great for oily skin.

Have you tried this primer out? What is your favorite primer?

Have a great day!


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