Review: Wet n Wild Photofocus Setting Spray


Happy Wednesday Everyone! 

Today I am going to be sharing with you all a new setting spray I found at my local drugstore. I feel like I have tried many of the high end ones and I haven’t found my holy grail setting spray yet. I figured I would give this Wet n Wild setting spray a try and see how it works throughout the day.


What they say it will do:

This exclusive formula extends makeup wear by preventing cracking, smudging, fading, or creasing. Works with any makeup and all skin types, plus it has aloe to hydrate your skin. It is a weightless formula and for all skin types.


How to apply it: 

Shake well.

Apply after your makeup routine.

Hold the PhotoFocus™ Setting Spray 8 inches away from your face and mist in a criss-cross pattern.


Overall I am in love with this spray. It has performed better than what I had expected. I have noticed that it does lock in my makeup for an all day wear. I am extremely pleased with the spray nozzle it actually sprays the product into a nice mist and not just shoots product every where.

Have you tried this new Wet n Wild Setting Spray? 

Have a great day!



10 thoughts on “Review: Wet n Wild Photofocus Setting Spray

  1. daniejean20 says:

    How have I never seen this product before?? I love setting sprays and I never realized Wet & Wild had one!! Thanks for the review. I need to make a wishlist of every beauty product I’ve gotta get my hands on now!! LOL

  2. beautyintheday says:

    I have been loving this spray also! I love the urban decay up all nighter but it is pretty pricey so I find myself only reaching for it on the weekends or special occasions.
    I was searching for a cheap alternative for every day use and was so pleasantly surprised with how well this spray held up!

    • nyrmirez says:

      I agree! I love the UD setting spray but it’s not something I use every day. I love that more drugstore brands are coming out with more affordable drugstore alternatives. Thanks for stopping by!

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