Review: Covergirl Plumpify Mascara


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I am reviewing a new mascara that I picked up at the drugstore a week ago. I had high hopes for this one since it’s made by Covergirl and I love their Full Lash Bloom mascara which I absolutely love. So here is how it performed.




What they say this mascara will do:

This volumizing mascara has a specialized, double-action brush that vertically lifts lashes from their roots, guaranteeing plumping without the clumping.

You can find this in three different shades: Black, BlackBrown and Very Black.

This retails for about $10.50 USD. 



My natural lashes. 



Left lashes with mascara and right lashes with no mascara on. 



I think this mascara is really good for my lashes. Some how the brush works beautifully at applying the right amount of product without making them look spidery long or clumpy.I have found that this mascara hold a curl very well which is a plus.

I always buy my mascara’s in the water proof version if they have them and I haven’t had any issue with it budging off or smearing. The removal of the mascara is very easy and I find that i don’t have to tug at my lashes to remove it.

Overall if you stumble across this mascara you may want to give it a try.

 Have you tried this mascara yet? What are your thoughts?

Have a great day!



6 thoughts on “Review: Covergirl Plumpify Mascara

  1. The Velvet Mary says:

    Looks really good! When I first saw the brush I was frightened a little but now I see that effect is really great!

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