A Ulta Haul


Happy Saturday Everyone!

Today I bring you yet another haul. I know I know too many hauls…  Says no one ever! I tried to space them out so you don’t feel like I go shopping ever single day. So the real reason why I went into Ulta was for foundation. I ran out of my foundation and I waited to buy it until I absolutely needed. So here is the damage I did.






A few of these things were on sale and I needed them or had wanted to try them. Overall I won’t be doing much shopping in the next few months so I think all of the things I bought will be used up and not go to waste.

What are some of your favorite products that you purchase at Ulta?

Have a great day!



5 thoughts on “A Ulta Haul

  1. melliously says:

    So weird, I wanted to try a bunch of the things you got! Have you tried the foundations yet? I’ve heard such good things about them but I’m really skeptical, especially about the Covergirl one. Great post! xx

    • nyrmirez says:

      Oh really? That’s cool. Actually those foundation are a repurchase. I love them alone and I recently started mixing them. I would say that the L’Oreal one is the best when it comes to getting a fuller coverage. The Covergirl one is great for lighter coverage and every day wear.

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