Apartment Decorations: A Valentine’s Day Mantel 



Happy Thursday Everyone!

Welcome back to 16 days of January! Today I am sharing with you how I have decorated my mantel for Valentine’s Day. I know not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day, but I thought it would be fun to keep the mantel decorating tradition alive this year instead of keeping it bare.

Most of the things that I used for this come from the dollar section at Target, Dollar Tree or from Michael’s and yes coupons were used. I tried to keep it cute and sweet to match our apartment. I hope you all enjoy this decoration post.


What you will need:

-String of lights (preferably white)

-A Vase & Your favorite Flowers

-Two Signs (preferably valentine’s day themed)

-Various size craft hearts (felt and plastic)

-Burlap Banner or a pre-made paper banner.








I love how simple and cute my mantel turned out. I love how changing various pieces of your decor can change a space.


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