12 Days of Christmas: Holiday Pictures & My 1st Holiday Card


Happy Monday Everyone!

I know I have been absent from my blog this month and I wanted to challenge myself to create content for you all and I decide I will participate in the 12 days of Christmas… ugh well let’s just say 11 days of x-mas. So expect 12 back to back blog post from me! Today Keeping with the Holiday theme of last Friday’s post I wanted to share a few shots of my roommates and I’s Holiday card. This was such a fun process and I think the pictures came out great!

I took all of the pictures in this post and I even had the chance to pull out my studio lights for this photo shoot.




*We decided to be silly for this one :)*

One of the trickiest things of this photoshoot is was getting the right lighting and creating a nice set up that didn’t look boring or over done. Overall I think we managed to balance everything out quite nicely.

We also decided to do a little bit of a fancy wardrobe change.




*Obligatory silly shot*

I hope you all enjoyed my roommates and I’s 1st Holiday Card and that you got a bit of inspiration for any holiday cards you were think of getting done.

Have a great Day & I will see you on Tomorrow!



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