Pinterest Recipe: Gluten- Free Banana Bread


Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great week! I am so excited for this short upcoming week. Thanksgiving can’t come soon enough. I am excited to be back home and to relax for a few days. I was stressed out a few weeks ago and I decided to scroll through Pinterest and found this recipe that I had to try.

One of my roommates cannot have gluten so I figured that this gave me the perfect excuse to try this out. Overall it was okay, but if you don’t eat it within two days it dries out and it’s not as enjoyable.


I apologize for not having a picture of the end result, but I had to leave it in the oven for a little bit longer than the recipe called for and it got burned. Trust me it was not picture worthy.

I am still on the hunt for a recipe for a gluten-free banana bread.

Anyone know of a good gluten-free banana bread recipe?

Have a great weekend! See you all on Monday.


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