My Labor Day Adventure w/ someone I meet on Craigslist


Happy Wednesday  Everyone! 

First off let me apologize for not posting last Thursday and this past Tuesday, but I had more pressing things I had to do and I decided to save that post for this up coming Thursday (here’s a hint it’s a haul). Well that’s not why we are here today. Today I am going to recap my adventure on Labor Day. Let me just warn you I do not suggest you do what I did, but if you do decide to search for friends online please be careful!

Okay with that being said I made a new friend off of craigslist. Not the safest website out there but I’ve used it in the past and so far i’m still alive. Let’s rewind to Labor Day weekend shall we it was that monday we all got off, remember? Oh okay so you remember know so most of you must have spent it with family right?! That’s what I though. I on the other hand spent it with someone I meet on Craigslist. So here’s that story:


Around 1pm I arrive at this dudes apartment ready to pick him up and go to Great Falls National Park. All I know at this point is that his car is out of commission and he can’t make the 40 minute drive to this place. No problem I totally have a car and can make the drive so I don’t end up spending another day studying and not getting to see the daylight.

  I’m at his apartment and I text him I there. 10… 15 minutes go by and no answer so I start to panic a little bit. I kept thinking there is no way he could have forgotten right?! So I call him and no answer straight to a generic voicemail. I decide not to leave a voicemail incase he is dead somewhere and the cops get his phone and they listen to my message and I get wrapped up in a investigation over a guy I had meet once before and knew nothing about (what? these kinds of things don’t go through your head?)

Eventually he calls me and he apologizes for being late he says he will be there in a few minutes. A few minutes later and he’s getting into my car with a wad of cash. I’m talking like at least $500+ dollars as he tries to stick the money in his pocket he spills it all over the floor of my car. I’m starting to reconsider this adventure right there and there. Why is he carrying so much money? Why the hell did I decide this was a good idea?

He apologizes and says he just sold his camera. His phone suddenly rings and it’s his neighbor telling him he left his car door open. He asks if we can swing by his car so he can close it and I don’t object I actually want to see this with my own to eyes. Yep he left his passenger car door open. He gets out of my car and closes it and tries to blame it on the fact that he had a lot going on. Sure I tell myself make excuses for your irresponsibility.


At this point we are on our way to this park. It took us about 40 minutes plus the longest line to get in add 45 more minutes to this. I spent about an hour and a half with this guy in my car trying to figure out what we were doing and why I felt so comfortable with all of the events that occurred a few minutes ago. All i can say is that it was worth it when we finally hiked up to this beautiful scenery.

Now I’m not going to lie the rest of the story is pretty boring no one feel off of a cliff or broke an ankle we just hiked and took pictures until our little hearts were content. I did not get killed and I managed to get out of my apartment for a total of 6 hours. Would I ever do that again? Maybe I’m not sure.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures…




How did you spend your labor day weekend?

I hope you are having a great week! I will see you on Thursday.


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