August Favorites 2015


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I can’t believe it’s September 1st already?! Where did summer go? Can I just get a few more days of August? Can summer please stay a little bit longer and not leave. Don’t get me wrong I love Fall it’s Winter I am not ready to see again.

As I settle into my first week of classes I wanted to start things on a positive note. I want to talk about a few of my favorite things that got me through this past month. I can’t believe I moved two hours away from my hometown and that I am starting grad school. It’s a bit surreal but definitely worth it in the end!


Let’s talk about how I had to downsize beds and now I sleep on a Twin?! The perks of living in a small apartment in a bigger city. the plus size I found this cute bed spread to match my theme in my room.


Coffee! I gave up on drinking coffee the last three weeks before I left to save myself from just binging on this stuff. Now that I have a coffee maker I enjoy drinking freshly brewed coffee every day.


Sticking to the food theme that ruled my world this past month I want to share my new love. These 18 rabbits jr. granola bars are amazing!


I can’t forget to mention my favorite yogurts! These are my newest addiction since these are a bit rare back in Harrisonburg. I am stalking up on these bad boys.


The only makeup product that I felt was worth a mention is this beauty of a lipstick! This YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick is such a beautiful color – 62K801 (what a name am I right?). It’s the perfect color for my skin tone right now!


The last and final favorite is my obsession with fall hand soaps from Bath and Body Works! They released these extra early and I snatched way to many to admit. This one is a perfect start to my fall addiction.

Hope you all enjoy my August favorites! Nothing super exciting, but I am excited to start this month on such a great note. I am just really looking forward to getting into a routine and start kicking butt in grad school.

What are some of you favorite products for the month of August? Anything you would recommend? 

Have a great day & I will see you on Thursday.


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