Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Today is a very special day for me, it just so happens to be my 25th birthday. I can’t believe I have managed to be on this planet for 25 years. It’s quite impressive if you ask me. When I turned 24 I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 25. Did most of those things happen? Well not all but a few did and that’s the magic about life you can’t always plan everything you can have a general direction of where you want your year to go and just take each opportunity as it comes.


I’m a few weeks from starting graduate school to cross off one things off my list get my masters and stand proudly as the first in my immediate family to do so. I have two years of sacrifice and hard work ahead of me, and yet I feel like I am 18 again getting ready to start my freshman year of college. I truly believe age is just a number and that we are defined by what we accomplish and what we strive for in life. Every day is a new opportunity and every birthday marks a new beginning of adult accomplishments some that are better than others, but still accomplishments no matter how you look at them.


So here is to being 25 and exploring my potential and the world around me!


Thank you in advance for all the love you have given me and my blog this past year. I truly appreciate everyone of my followers and readers. Thank you for sticking by my side while I find out who I am and what path I’m destined to follow.

Once I get settled into my new place I will have a ton more content on this blog. Please be patient I have not forgotten about you all.

See you on Thursday!


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