Grad School Wish List #2

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

As my start date for graduate school approaches I have been searching for things to bring into my new apartment that I will be sharing with two other lovely ladies. I want my space to feel clean and organized while being chic and stylish. I have found a few things I will be purchasing and a couple others that I am dying to have but can’t justify because of a little thing called RENT!

grad 1

Planner / Tape Dispenser / Stapler / Pencil Dispenser

grad 2

Motivation Print / Shelf / Glass Terrarium

grad 3

Pillow Cover Chair / Dresser / Eivor Cirkel Rug

I am so excited to begin planning out what I want my room to look like. As you can see I have a few different ideas from the things that I put on this wish list. I am thinking of doing a roomspiration post so you can be part of the process with me.

Have a great day and I will see you on Friday!


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