June Favorites 2015


Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you all some of the products that I loved last month and one technology favorite. Every month is different and this month I discovered some new goodies in my collections that I wanted to try again and I am  so happy I decided to do that!


I have had this perfume in my collect for a about a year and I loved it when I first received it as a gift. Somehow I forgot about it and this past month I wanted something different and I have been really enjoying it.


These Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes were a lucky grab this past  month. I ran out of my regular cleansing wipes and I needed something to remove my makeup. I love how soft these are and that they don’t irritate my face or my eyes like some of my other ones I’ve been using.


This lipstick has been my all-time favorite lip product this month. It is the most flattering color I have ever worn. I can throw this on and it instantly makes me look like I put  so much more effort than what I actually did.


This shower gel is my new obsession! It smells like lotus and chestnuts and it is so moisturizing. Perfect treat after a hard workout.


I have been obsessed with Word Search on my phone! I feel like such a old lady but it keeps my brain on it’s toes.

What are some of your favorite products? Any that you would recommend?

Have a great day and I will see you on Wednesday!



4 thoughts on “June Favorites 2015

    • nyrmirez says:

      Yes that perfume bottle is so pretty to look at! I absolutely love those E.L.F. lipsticks they are great for the price. Of course I will check out your blog 🙂

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