A Sneak Peek: My Lipsticks Collection


Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I am starting a new series on my blog called sneak peek. This is going to be a way for me to show you a few things that I own that I think would be kind of cool for you all to see. I’m not going to go into detail  the particular items in these pictures, but I will focus on 2-4 items I absolutely love, currently.



The first thing that came to mind when starting this series was sharing my lipstick collection with you all and here it is. I hope you enjoy!


Milani Lipstick- 17 Plumrose


Maybelline Lipstick- 870 Shocking Coral 


Are you a fan of this new series? What else would you like a sneak peek of?

Have a great day & I will see you on Monday!


10 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek: My Lipsticks Collection

  1. Shocking Coral looks amazing! I need to get my hands on it I’m all for oranges these days! I think its a perfect colour for spring/summer! loved your post! would love it if you checked out my latest post I just put up today xx

    1. It’s such a beautiful color for spring and summer so if you can find it definitely add it to your collection 🙂 Of course I will check your post out!

      1. damn! I must check it out when I’m in Boots and see what its like on me I don’t really suit pink shades I’m more of a orange/brown kinda girl xx

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