Happy Sunday Everyone!

Today’s post will replace my Monday’s post since I felt this was very fitting for today, being mother’s day and all. First off Happy Mother’s Day to all my lovely mother’s out there. May you be celebrated with all of the love and affection you deserve.


Now on to the main topic of this post. My dearest mother, or Mamá.

Let’s start out by saying this woman hates having pictures taken. She runs from the camera and I have very few pictures with her unless I “force” her to stop and take a picture. None less I wouldn’t change this woman for anyone other woman in the world. She has raised me to be the person that I am and for that I will always be grateful and can only wish I be half as good as a mother as she has been.



Thank you for always putting up with me & my brother. We don’t say thank you and I love you nearly enough and for that I am sorry. Thank you for sacrificing so much so we may have a better life. I hope one day when I have kids I can be as self-less and as compassionate about raising my kids as you have been with us. My brother and I wouldn’t be where we are without you and for that we love you!



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