Lazy Spring Nails: not made by me.


Happy Monday Everyone!

I have always loved a great manicure and have been a fan of any intricate design that anyone can create. As you all know I don’t have that much time on my hands and if i can  find some time to paint my nails once a week that is a victory in my eyes.

The other day I tried out the Sally Hansen Salon effects real nail polish strips. I had tried them before when they first came out and I remember enjoying them but not being the best at applying them. This go around I tried to remember what I had done wrong and tried again.



The pattern I choose was Spring Fever as it is Spring and I felt it would be very fitting for this week. As you will see in the next pictures the application isn’t too terrible, but it’s not as easy as painting your nails.






Overall I guess if I wanted something fancier on my nails I would definitely go for these nail strips. There is no way I could recreate this on my nails. Again the application isn’t perfect, but for what I need them to do they will work just fine.

Have you ever tried any nail polish strips?  Are you a fan?

Have a great day and I will see you on Wednesday .


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