My Go To Breakfast As Of Lately.


Happy Monday Everyone!

I am going to be honest I have never been a morning person and I would rather sleep as late as I can at any given time. Often time this meant skipping breakfast and just having a Brunch type of meal later on in my day. As I have gotten older and have started acquiring many more adult responsibilities I have realized the importance of walking up early and having a good healthy breakfast.

Today I am sharing with you my go to breakfast. I have taken this idea from Ms. Marissa Lace she also has a fitness Instagram that is very motivational as well. I saw that in her daily vlogs and instagram pictures she kept talking about a scramble. You may be saying what the heck is a scramble? It is a yummy and filling breakfast.


Here is what you will need to make it:

-Egg Whites

-A whole Egg

-Hash Browns






If you are counting your macros make sure you find the right amount of all of the ingredients that work for you. I have adapted this to fit my morning and the macros I want to hit.  



I hope you enjoyed this quick and simple recipe and trust me this taste amazing, better than what you might think.

What is your favorite go to breakfast?

Have a great start to your week and I will see you on Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “My Go To Breakfast As Of Lately.

  1. I’ve never tried zucchini before! I’ll have to give this one a try😉 My go to breakfast is porridge 😋 I try to make lots of different combinations and they always taste amazing! Or smoothies… I loooove smoothies😍😍 I can’t wait to see more of your posts☺️

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