Taupe Eye Shadow.


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

When it comes to make up I am either too busy to do a proper eye look or I have plenty of time to do the whole nine yards on my eyes. When I was traveling this past summer I discovered a eye shadow that made it super simple to get ready. You can pretty much find it any where and depending on your skin tone you can find different variations of it in the drugstore or in various palettes. I’m taking about the taupe eye shadow or better know as the one eye shadow look. If you don’t own a eye shadow like this I will give you a few reasons you should.


1. It simplifies your makeup routine.

2. You can pretty much find them anywhere.

3. You only need one color to create a beautiful look.

4. You can dress this eye shadow look up or down for any event you may have.

5. The color suits most people’s skin tones.


Now that we got that over with let me share a few of my favorite ones in hopes that you try out this very simple yet beautiful eye look.


Pixi loose eye shadow is a beautiful pigment that has beautiful gold flex for a more dressed up look.


Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe is a perfect base for all of your taupe eye shadows if you want a more intense look. It can also be worn alone for a cooler toned eye look.


Kiko 124 eye shadow is a dark brown taupe with a cooler undertone for a more sophisticated look.


Wet’n Wild Nutty is a golden taupe that is perfect for everyday wear (pictured below).



What is your favorite taupe eye shadow? Any favorites you would recommend?

I hope you are having a great day & I will see you on Friday!


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