NAILSINC VVB Victoria Beckham: Judo Red & Bamboo White


Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I am so excited to share with you a super exciting addition to my nail polish collection. They are the Nail Inc nail polishes from Victoria Beckham and boy are these batboys super fancy. I got suckered into buying both of them after I heard countless people rave about the Bamboo White nail polish that I caved and had to see for myself what the fuzz was all about.



I picked up the duo online at Sephora. They normally retail for $25 each but I picked the set up for $45 and they are the most expensive nail polish bottles I will ever own.


A few Pros:

The color pay off is absolutely amazing.

Two coats and you have a true color of polish on your nails.

Your nails dry really fast.

Your nail polish last for 5+ days.

A Cons:

The cost of these polishes are crazy!

Some may say the colors aren’t unique enough.









Overall If you love pretty things these may be for you. In all honesty they aren’t a must have, but a nice treat.Hopefully you all enjoyed how beautiful these polishes are and that you find comfort that they are in a great home.

Have you seen these new polishes? Are you curious to try them?

Have a beautiful day & I will see you on Wednesday.


4 thoughts on “NAILSINC VVB Victoria Beckham: Judo Red & Bamboo White

  1. Ahh! I just ordered them too! I can’t wait to get them but you’re right they were EXPENSIVE! Probably the most expensive nail polish I will ever buy so I hope I like them. Both of them looked beautiful on your nails but I liked the pale one more.

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