Happy Belated Pi Day: 3.141592…


Happy Monday Everyone!

Sorry I was absent this past week, but life got crazy hectic and I had to focus my energy on my other responsibilities. I hope you all can understand and will accept this post as a  apology. So if you stopped and looked at the calendar this weekend you will realize that on Saturday was pi day! Wait what do you mean you didn’t notice?! Well that’s okay I figured it would be a great idea to relieve pi day on my blog by sharing the pumpkin pie that I made to celebrate this glorious day.

I hope you all enjoy and that if you haven’t had pie this weekend that you rectify your wrong and get some pie ASAP. You can find the original recipe I used here.

What you will need:

-Pre-made pie crust

-Pumpkin Pie puree

-Sweet and Condensed Milk

-Pumpkin Spice

-2 eggs



Mix Pumpkin Puree and pumpkin spice in a pot over low heat. This will help get rid of the can taste and will make mix the ingredients a lot smoother. Once the mixture is hot add the Sweet and condensed milk. Bring it to a boil and let sit for 10- 15 minutes then add the eggs. Pour the mixture into your pie pan with your pre-made pie crust rolled out. Place in your over at 425 for 15 minutes then lower the temperature to 350 and let cook another 30-45 minutes.


Happy belated pi day everyone!

See you all on Wednesday.


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