The Rugged Maniac 5k- The Best Obstacle Race


Happy Friday Everyone!

I wasn’t planning on sharing this with you all, but I realized how big of a deal this is for me. I want this blog to be a place where I can document things I am doing and things I love. Just recently I added a new item onto my bucket list and that was to complete an obstacle course (with some running of course!). I took the plunge and signed up for one in May. I have 3 months to train and get myself into the best physical shape I can to be to be able to kick butt in this challenge. I will be doing this with a couple of other girls and I am beyond excited.

Would you all like to see pictures when I complete this? A video maybe?

If you care to check out what all I will be doing head over to there website and check out their video!

I promise more beauty/cooking/fashion post will be coming!

Thank you for all of the amazing support on my little blog and I promise to continue to bring you interesting/quality post.

Have a great weekend!


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