Good Bye 2014…

Hello 2015

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today marks the last day of 2014 and I am so excited to be closing this year off. I have learned a lot this year and it  makes me excited to start 2015. For today’s post I wanted to share a few things that has made 2014 a wonderful year.


Mi familia. Every year they sees to amaze me and I know 2015 will bring a lot of changes for us. I just hope that we stay as close and connected as this year has been. Sometimes family is the best thing that can happen to us.



My month-long trip to Europe. Believe it or not I came out of that trip a whole new person. I made decisions that would impact me for the rest of my life based on everything I saw and wanted to continue to see. Sometimes all it takes is a hop on a plan and allowing yourself to submerge in another culture. I know now that I will forever be a travel bug and that when I get the chance again I will be hopping on a plane again and I will continue to explore the world.


My Career has been a huge part of my growth this year. I enjoy working with people with mental illnesses and I feel fortunate that I was able to be employed by a company so carrying about the individuals they work with. No matter where life takes me I will always be a social worker at heart.



This blog has been an amazing place to let my creativity flow. I had a very interesting year interns of figuring out what I want and don’t want out of life and this blog has been the place I can be my creative self. You wouldn’t imagine how amazing it feels to have your work be displayed for others to see. My pictures are pretty decent, but I take them with love and care and that’s something this blog has allowed me to do over and over again take something I am passionate about and let others see it through my eyes.

I hope everyone has a great NYD and a happy 2015!

Remember if you drink don’t drive! 

I will see you on Friday.


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