The Perfect Statement Earrings for the Holidays


Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I also hope that you are all ready to celebrate Christmas and that you aren’t wait to do last minute christmas shopping ;). What you really should be worrying about is what you are going to wear, nah j/k  that’s not what the holiday time is all about. But if you were looking for a bit of inspiration in the accessory front I decide to help you out and share with you one of my secret weapons, statement earrings!


You may be saying earrings… that’s it?! That’s not going to get me compliments from my great aunt sally. Well if you stop and pair these gorgeous beauties right you might be surprised and you great aunt Sally will be wondering where you purchased those lovely earring you have on.

Please keep in mind that these earrings are perfect on there own or with other accessories.


This first pair is a classy yet simple earring that will add a bit of sparkle without being in your face. I was lucky enough to find these at the thrift store (I sanitized theses before wearing them) for only a dollar. You never know what you will find in a thrift store so check your local one out. You may also be luck to find a similar pair at F21 or Charlotte Russe.


This second pair comes from the Walmart jewelry section. Can you believe I got these for $5. These are a bit less flashy but will complement a nice chunky sweater or a t-shirt if you that’s more your style.


This next pair is perfect if you just want to stick on something but have no time to coordinate and try on a hundred different pairs. These are subtle yet very eye catching. You can find these at NY & Company on sale for $5


If you are a all out kind of girl these earrings are for you! I picked them up at Target for $9.99 and they scream Holidays. The best part is they will most likely match any type of outfit you choose and if these aren’t daring enough check out the last pair.


Again these were a Target find for $9.99. These are more elegant and more subtle but will have everyone staring as you walk by.

All of the earrings shown in this post are 100% wearable for 6+ hours unless you have super sensitive ears, then wear them at your own risk.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and that it has inspired you to dust off some of your favorite earrings and take them out for  a spin this Holiday season.

Do you wear earrings? Did you fancy any of these in this post?

See you all on Wednesday!


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