Blogilates: 8 Week Hot Body Challenge


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

For todays post I want to talk about a fitness/health challenge I have started. I am mainly doing this blog post for myself to keep me accountable of my actions. Eating Healthy took a nose dive when I took my month long vacation. I realized that finding fresh veggies and fruits was going to be a lot harder and more expensive that what I could afford. I did my best to eat as healthy as possible with a few cheat meals sprinkled in during that month.


Flash forwards 5 months later and I have completely fallen off the healthy bandwagon. This is where this challenge comes in I am making a promise to myself to start eating healthy and exercising daily. I want to have more energy and feel happier overall. I know this won’t be easy and I’ll want to quit, but at the end of these 8 weeks I will be saying good-bye to two things. 2014 and the old unhealthy me, and I think that those are the two best things I could say good-bye to, don’t you?


I hope you all join me in this journey or maybe you will be taking on this challenge as well? Let’s a support system for each other and lift each other up when times get tough. Let’s nourish our bodies with good things so we can “train like a beast and look like a beauty” – Cassey Ho

I leave you with some inspiration for this lovely Wednesday!



Stay tune every Wednesday I will be sharing my health/fitness journey. So come along with me as I navigate the road to a healthier/better me.

See you on Friday!


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