Simple Halloween Nails


Happy Halloween Everyone!

It’s Friday and we are one step closer to the weekend! It also happens to be Halloween and this girl has two halloween party to go to tonight and that means I will be slaving over turning myself into a Zombie. Crossing my fingers that everything goes well, if it all blows up in my face I’ll just squirt myself with fake blood and call it a day! I also want to note that I am sitting at work dressed up as a bee, yep this is my life.

I wanted to share my super simple manicure for this evening. I am no nail artist and this seemed so traditional and appropriate for the office. I still have to work before I get my zombie on so no crazy nails here (that would scare my clients and that’s a no no!). The plus side is that these nail took me no time at all and I had all the colors in my collection, Win!





Have a happy and safe Halloween Everyone!

Enjoy your weekend!

See you on Monday.


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