Fall TV Shows: 2014


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

This fall I have been really impressed by the new TV shows that are airing. I have also been enjoying some of my old favorites that have returned for another season. For today’s post I wanted to share with you my top 8 TV shows and why I love them.


Bones: I am a huge Bones fan. I have watched all of the seasons and I have built a strong bond with each of the characters. When I knew they would return for a new season this fall I was so excited to see more character development. I have been enjoying this season and may have cried  a little bit during the first two new episodes of season 10. If you have watched you know why.

Once Upon a Time: This show combines all of the favorite fairytale worlds in one amazing TV show. Can we stop and talk about how they are incorporating FROZEN this season?! I am hooked! I love that there is always a twist in this show and it’s a perfect ending to my weekend.


Arrow: I am a huge comic book fan and Arrow does not disappoint when it comes to a TV show adaptation. They have created a great story line for the main character that has you rooting for good to win and it doesn’t help that Stephen Amell is extremely sexy. I love that they incorporate flashbacks which allow you to know what has happened to the main character in the past and why he does what he does.

The Flash: This is a spin-off from Arrow and I am not disappointed about it one bit. The CW has pulled all the stops for this show and Barry Allen is slowly gaining a place in my heart I mean who doesn’t like a nerdy guy with super powers.


How to get away with Murder: I took a chance with this show and man did the first episode just hook me from the very fist scene. I love that it has a powerful main character that is a woman, and it keep you on your toes and it gets you thinking.

Manhattan Love Story: This may not be everyone’s cup of tea and I don’t see it lasting too many seasons (or more than one season), but for what it’s worth it is a corky, fun, light-hearted show that shows how awkward we can really be when we really like someone.


The Mindy Project: I absolutely love Mindy Kaling! She is hilarious and this show is funny. It always puts me in a good mood and 9 out of  10 times I am laughing. The cast is pure genius and I can only imagine how much fun they must have on set.

Red Band Society: This is a new show that has completely stolen my heart. I absolutely love that it focuses on kids that have serious medical problems and what they have to deal with as they grow up in a hospital. The narrator is a kid in a coma so you see everything through his perspective along with the other main characters. I am rooting for Leo and Emma incase you were wondering!

What are your favorite Fall TV shows? Are you watching any that I am watching? 

See you on Friday!


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