REVIEW:Clinique 3-Step Skin Care for the price of one step.


As a girl with oily skin I know the struggle we oily skinned girls face every single day trying to prevent our face looking like a giant shiny disco ball. Over the years I decided that many of the products targeted towards oily skin would tend to dry me out due to the fact that some contained alcohol and other drying ingredients. This made me stop trying any kit geared towards oily skin, because 9-10 times I would still look like a shiny mess and my skin would freak out due to the ingredients.

I decided to try and really find products geared towards oily skin. Now that I am older and wiser (sike!) and hope that this go around I could actually find some decent products that don’t produce more oil on my lovely skin.


So on that note I will be reviewing/talking about my experience with the Clinique 3-Step Skin Care for the price of one step kit. This is available in the Sephora stores and online.


What is in this kit:

-Liquid facial soap oily skin formula-  1FL.OZ/30ml

-Clarifying Lotion 3-  1FL.OZ/30ml

-Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel-  4.2 FL.OZ/125ml


Step One: Cleanse with Liquid Facial Soap. Lather with warm water and massage over make-up free face. Rinse, pat dry.

What they claim it does: Cleans gently, and effectively.

I am going to be very honest I am really picky when it comes to a cleanser/face soap. I want something that is gentle enough to not irritate my eczema but strong enough to leave my face feeling clean, not dry. Normally I use the Philosophy Cream cleanser and it has been my holy grail product for 3 years now. So this particular facial soap didn’t really wow me. It did leave my skin feeling squeaky clean and refreshed. This facial soap lathers really nicely and you can tell it is meant to be used in conjunction with the other products in this kit because after a few minutes you skin is needing moisture put back into it.

IMG_0238 Step Two: Exfoliate with Clarifying Lotion 3. Using a cotton ball, sweep over face/throat twice a daily.

What they claim it does: Gentle exfoliator purifies so fresh skin surfaces. Instantly refines pores. Control the build-up of flakes and excess oil all day.

I was very unsure when I read the claims/directions for this product. I thought to myself is it a toner?! what the heck is a clarifying lotion?! Is this a new thing?! I told myself it was a toner that was “suppose to” exfoliate as well. With my bottle almost empty I can say that this product was one that I disliked. As soon as you put it on you face you can smell the alcohol and my eyes ever began to water when I applied it to my check from how strong the product is. As for how this product performed I would say that a 10 day supply isn’t enough for me to verify all of the claims they are making. My skin did feel fresh after the product dried on my skin. It did not feel like I had just exfoliated I actually still had some dry eczema patches that were already healed still on my face. Again I was hesitant to begin with on this product!


 Step Three: Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. Spread over face/throat where needed.

What they claim it does: Oil-free formula contains skin-strenghtening ingredients. Softens, improves

Out of all three products this is my favorite! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to try this. I cannot rave enough about this product. Not only does my skin soaks this up really fast but it moisturizes my face without feeling greasy. I absolutely love the gel formula compared to a cream. My makeup has been applying 100% better because of this moisturizer and I think my skin has been producing less oil as well.

Overall I think if you are looking to try some new skincare products I would say give this a go! They also have a normal/dry kit if you aren’t an oily skin type like myself. Like with every review I do I am only stating my experience so please take this with a grain of salt and make sure you allow yourself to come to your own conclusions.

Have you tried this kit? Are you a fan of Clinique products? 

See you on Friday!


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