A few days at the beach…


I’ve been gone from my blog for a short while, which seems like forever in my eyes. I decided I needed to focus on my first priority, which is my job. I’ve had the most interesting three weeks, but I wouldn’t change them for a second. I learned that no matter how hard something gets there will always be a silver lining. That when it looks like your work isn’t being appreciated someone actually is looking and noticing. I got the awesome opportunity to go to the beach with my job, and I am so excited to share these pictures that I captured. They pretty much sum up the good that is in my life right now and for that I am grateful.








Sometimes all you need is a quite, peaceful place to make you appreciate all the craziness you have overcome. Don’t get me wrong plenty of things did not go as planned on this trip, but at the end I have all of these lovely memories that I get to look back at. To me that is enough! Also wanted you all to know that I will be back to my normal Mon, Wed and Fri posting starting this week.

I hope you all had a great Weekend!

See you on Wednesday 🙂


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