Favorite Brushes: Powder pt. one


I recently decided to clean out my makeup brushes which made me realize I have a few favorite brushes for all the different make up needs I have. I thought I would share with you all why I like that particular brush and how I use it. Most of these brushes are drugstore with a sprinkle of high end ones.



E.l.F Powder Brush retails for $3
This brush is not only very affordable but it is a great addition to any makeup collection. It is soft covers and fairly large surface of the face.
How to use this brush: When applying pressed or loose powder. It is ideal for all over the face, but not for small precise corners of the face.
Why I like this brush: This brush is perfect for touching up your face when you feel a bit oily. It allows you to apply the right amount of powder to all the right places.



realTechniques Powder Brush retails for $7.99
Up close this brush looks massive and you may be thinking this could cover my whole face in one swipe?! Yes! It probably could but when used in a more delicate manner it allows you to blend larger areas of the face.
How to use this brush:When blending out my blush for those times I may have applied a little bit too much. To just apply a light layer of powder. The soft bristles make this brush a dream to rub on you face while leaving you face looking natural.



realTechniques multi task brush retails for $7.99
This is the cousin of the one above and it may look like some more traditional brushes that you would think to use as a powder brush. This brush is exactly that! It is a medium size brush that allows you to apply your powder in sections while still keeping all the quality of the other large brush that may be safer you.
How to use this brush: It works great with all kinds of products such as loose/pressed powder, blush and a less concentrated placement of bronzer if you like a bit of color without the contouring.



Up & UP Powder Brush from Target retails for $6.99
This is a recent addition to my brush collection and I am in love with this. Not only is this soft but it allows me to apply powder in a more light fashion. This would be similar to the realTechniques Powder Brush but much smaller and more travel friendly.
How to use this brush:When I want to lightly set my foundation without adding more coverage. This is also great for blending out any harsh lines you may have. It also is amazing for applying bronzer on your neck and declate area.

I hope you all enjoy the first part of this series and come back for the other parts. I had so much fun sharing with you all my favorite powder brushes and I hope this is helping to some. Let me know what you think of these types of post? Yay! Or Nay!?
Let me know what your favorite powder brush brand is and why it rocks you socks?

Happy Monday everyone!

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