NP Set- Day to Night Palette Review


I was in Target a few weeks ago and I saw this palette on clearance. To be honest I haven’t heard to much about this particular brand. I knew it was sold at target but that’s as much as I knew. I tend to try and pick up products I know something about, but this purchase what different. I took a chance and put it in my basket and off to the cash register it and I went.


This is a beautiful, versatile palette when you look at it from afar it has 8 eye shadows and a blush and bronzer that will finish off any look you can create with this palette.





I set out to try a natural look with this palette since I don’t really go out. I didn’t want to play too much with the darker colors in the palette since it can quickly change the look drastically.
I will be honest this isn’t the most pigmented palette and it surely isn’t a MUST BUY. This is more of a beginner palette in my opinion. This is more for someone that hates having too many container of make up around, but still wants a selection of eyeshadows that can be worked in many different looks. All colors are very versatile with each other and could create a handful of eye looks for most occasions.

This is the look I came up with that seemed to complement my eyes for every day wear.



Overall it wasn’t a complete fail of a purchase, but it isn’t my absolute favorite. I will say that this is a great travel palette and allows you to consolidate your makeup bag when on the go.

Have you ever tried this NP Cosmetics? Do you own this palette?

Have a wonderful Monday!

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