Happy Birthday To Me!?!


Happy Monday Everyone!
Today is a very special Monday it just so happens to be my 24th birthday on this lovely planet. I am not much for drawing attention to myself. I figured you only get one birthday a year might as well enjoy that you survived another year and are gaining more wisdom each year that goes by, right? I also wanted to share some goodies I picked up from Sephora since it is a special day.




Can you tell I am in search of a better skincare system. I figured I could try these out and see what happens.




Last but not least I picked up a awesome sample bag for free and my birthday gift from Sephora which is so adorable and cute.



Overall I think today is going to be a good day. I’m going to watch a few episodes of Once Upon a Time and go to the gym. Let me know if you have any skincare recommendations?

Happy Monday Everyone!

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