London Haul: Primark pt.2

While in London I got a chance to visit Primark and let’s just say that I was overwhelmed by all of the things in that store. I spent about 2 hours and I felt like I hadn’t looked through everything. For those of you that aren’t aware Primark is like the equivalent of Forever 21 mixed with a hint of Target. I had no luck with clothes but I did manage to pick up a few other things.




I fell in love with Primark’s shoes. How could I leave both these pairs behind that would just have been a crime!





I ended up getting a few things that seemed like I might need back in the states. You maybe asking “why a did you buy a backpack?” Well the purse I had brought with me started to get really heavy as a side body bag and I needed to switch to something that wouldn’t cause my back to want to detach from my body.

Overall I liked Primark. I just wish I would have had a little more time and had made a list of potential things I would have liked to have picked up. Oh well I am extremely happy with what I did pick up.

Happy Monday everyone!


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