Embracing who you are!


These types of post are my normal go to style. I rather talk about beauty, fashion and excercise. This past month I have been struggling on figuring out who I am and who I want to be. I came back from vacation and decided that the relationship I was in wasn’t quite what I need to grow and be myself. After a few weeks of figuring out how to be someone’s ex that I was bound to run into, I came to the realization that I am not good at being anything other than myself. I wasn’t quite sure what that meant and I am still trying to figure what that means for my future.

Being in a relationship is a whole different ball game than what any single person is use to. I went into this relationship with an open mind and an open heart to what could come from this experience. I quickly realized that the more I tried to change what I was use to the more energy I had less off. I tried to compromise with my schedule, but at the end I gave up doing things I LOVED to do and lost a part of me in the process. Why am I tell you this?! Well I like many others have felt this way and I figured that there may be others going through this or will eventually realize this is happening to them.


I want to tell those people, that, it’s okay to feel lost and to want that old relationship back, but is that what you truly need/want? That is the exact same question I asked myself. I realized that to be truly happy I have to want to look forward to the majority of things in my life and I had stopped doing so.

So how am I finding this new me? I started to do all of the old things I loved. I went back to the gym and back to my beloved Zumba classes. I have started baking again and I am even taking a cake decorating class. I am working on becoming a better version of myself. The one I have always wanted to be, but always found an excuse not to pursue. Like they say when you are least expecting someone to come into your life they show up, so who knows maybe the next guy that comes into my life will be a bit better at accepting the things I love and we might partake into a few of these activities together.

It’s never to late to get out of a bad relationship!
Remember you are strong enough to over come anythings and this will only make you stronger.


4 thoughts on “Embracing who you are!

  1. I completely understand what you are feeling. Right now, I’m in a similar process of deciding what to do in order to become a better version of myself. Months ago, I ended a very long and complicated relationship, and sometimes I wonder If that was the correct thing to do. I know that my decision was for the best but I still find myself reminiscing about the past. To overcome this feeling of “loneliness” I’m taking some dance classes which have help me a lot. As you say it is never to late to get out of a bad relationship. Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading my post and sharing your story as well. I love that you can never go wrong when you decide to do something for yourself, good luck with your dance classes and thanks again for the comment.

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