Being Sick on Vacation- London


Happy Monday!
A little more than half way through my trip I ended up getting sick. I caught a really bad cold that started out as a sore throat and progressed from there. I guess the temperature change from Italy to France and then to London, and let’s not forget all of the germs on the plane/bus got the best of me. I had one healthy day in London and it was one that I took for granted not knowing what I had in store the next day.



I stayed 3/4 of my second day in London in bed with my computer and my bowl of cereal as my only companions. I begged my friend to leave the apartment and enjoy the sights without me so she wouldn’t waste a good day. I would later be joining her for a theater performance called Flashmob at the Peacock theater on Portugal street. Flashmob ended up being AMAZING and I am so glad that I got a chance to experience it.


As you can see I decided to fight hard with meds, juice and a few shots of whiskey. Did you know they don’t have Vicks Nyquil in the U.K?! That is why I had to combine all of the things picture above to have a fighting chance at my sickness. Don’t worry I have lots more exciting post on London coming soon. I figured I would get that sick post out-of-the-way.

See you on Wednesday!

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