Inside St. Peter’s Basilica & The Vatican – Rome, Italy

As I walked into the Vatican I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming mix of emotions. Many have stood in the same place I was standing. There is so much history and culture in the halls and rooms of both the Vatican and St. Pete’s Basilica. You don’t have to have strong religious beliefs to visit this beautiful place. Anyone that appreciates art and history will have a great time.
This was out tour guide for the 3 hours we wandered and explored both buildings. That pink flower was the thing that kept the group together if you didn’t see that flower in the air you knew you were left behind.  This woman has been a tour guide for the past 15 years and she said that her true passion was teaching others about the insides of the Vatican and St. peter’s basilica, she could not see her self anywhere else.
IMG_8308 IMG_8309 IMG_8341 The first few hallways were covered in sculptures that have been there for many years. Above were a few of my favorites that really capture what you see and what surrounds you as you walk through these buildings. IMG_8358 IMG_8426 IMG_8448 IMG_8406 I have to talk about the beautiful artwork on the ceilings. They are absolutely breath taking and to think that many of these were done by hand as the artist laid on his back on a large contraption that held him up high enough to accomplish such work. Sadly you were not allowed to photograph Michelangelo Sistine chapelIMG_8390 IMG_8497 Overall this was such a neat place to visit. I learned quite a bit about what the history and the reasoning why some of the painting and sculptures are really famous. This stop may not be for everyone but it’s totally worth checking out if you are in Rome.

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