Rome, Italy – St. Peter’s Basilica


Welcome! This will be my first travel post followed by many more I assure you. I am really excited that I get to share my travel experience with everyone. First I need to set the stage for how this trip came to be. My friend (Krista picture below) and I had planned this trip since last March, maybe earlier. She left for France on August 2013 for a year-long submersion where she would study and volunteer. Here is where I come in to play I would meet up with her at the tail end of her trip and join her, in traveling Europe. If you all are interested in keeping up with her, her blog link is here.



Rome, Italy is a very beautiful and historic city. It is predominantly made of stone and very crowded by people, tourist I would assume. This city is filled with so many historic landmarks that you can easily get overwhelmed by trying to visit them all. My friend and I decided that we would visit a couple and enjoy the rest of our time exploring other places and shops.




The first stop we did was the St. Peter’s Basilica and you first must know that this is always crowded. It seems to be one of the hot spots for tourist because it is so beautiful both outside and inside. It is also home to the Sistine chapel for which Michael Angelo’s is famous for painting the interior. More on that in my next post but before reaching the Basilica we explored around for a bit.






Stay tune for more on my adventures. Next post will be the inside of the Basilica and what we learned on our guided tour! Also check out my Vlog from the trip if you can’t what for my post!


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