Travel Essentials: Odds & Ends.


I will be out of the U.S in less than 2 days and I am beyond excited. I am feeling a little rusty on this whole traveling things. I had to stop and think what I was going to take with me and what I actually need. I have never been an amazing packer I tend to over pack or leave something out and this trip will be no exception to my packing ways. Here are some odds and ends I picked up to hopefully help me have an amazing vacation.


The first thing I picked up are these 3 ounce refillable squeeze bottles. I will be putting shampoo and conditioner in these.

The next thing is this travel razor. I will be gone for a month and will be on different planes to get to my other destinations so saving space is important and the fact that I have a plastic container for my razor will keep everything sanitary.

You can’t travel without extra batteries and a couple of memory cards to hold all of your pictures. I tend to take pictures of everything! I mean everything food, cars, buildings, signs. You name it I will have a picture of it by the time I get back to the US. I have to be able to take as many pictures without worrying about my memory space.

Last but not least is my adapter for all of my electric gadgets. I found this very cheap here. This will allow me to travel anywhere and still be able to charge everything I need. Plus I can use this multiple times in different places around the world.

So that’s all for this post. I will be keeping in touch while I am on my trip and hopefully have some cool stories to share.
Lots of love,

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