Review: First Aid Beauty Fab Faves To Go Kit


I have recently felt that every where I go someone is talking about First Aid Beauty and their skin care products. I go on youtube and every other beauty girl is talking about it is this stuff made out of silk or something? What is so great about these products?

The only logical way to answer this is by testing them out and I found this kit at sephora and I jumped at the chance to see what makes these products stand out from the rest of the crowd.


This set contains:
– 28 Facial Radiance Pads
– 2 oz Face Cleanser
– 2 oz Ultra Repair Cream

Let’s start off with the Face Cleanser and I must say I was very disappointed with this after so many people raved about it I found it okay. I would rather spend my money on the Philosophy cream cleanser. This cleanser did clean my face but it wasn’t a creamy consistency, how I tend to like my cleansers to be. Over all I suggest you skip this!

Next up we have the Ultra Repair Cream and surprisingly I do like this. I am so used to very thick greasy creams that feel heavy on my skin and this is a light weight heavy-duty moisturizer. I gave this a go when I had eczema and it helped heal my skin without any burning or irritation. It can be used both during the day with makeup and at night before you go to sleep. If you are looking for a new moisturizer check this out you might enjoy it.

Last but not least are the facial radiance pads and again I felt disappointed by these. If you read the packaging you see that they are supposed to exfoliate, tone & brighten. In my honest opinion I don’t feel I get a good exfoliation from how thin the pads are. I haven’t noticed any brighting or toning it maybe too early to tell. Overall I feel like there are other facial pads that you can buy and end up saving money in the process.

Do I regret purchasing this kit?
I have mixed feelings about this one. I feel like I got a great amount for the price I paid. Would I repurchase it knowing what I know, nope I would skip it! This is a great kit for anyone that needs to test out the product before making a final decision.

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