Planning out My Vacation- France, Italy & the UK.

I am so excited to be writing that in 43 days I will be on a plane headed to France. It has been 15 years since I’ve taken a proper vacation with no stress, school work, or schedules to follow . I am beyond excited that I am able to make my dream become a reality and visit France. I have worked my tail off for the last six years to be able to afford a month-long vacation. It just hit me this is actually happening! All of the sacrifices and months of planing come down to less than 43 days of actually being a reality.
If you have ever traveled you know the anticipation is just as good as the actual trip.

I wanted to reach out any of my lovely follower and see if any of you have ever visited France, Italy (Venice, Rome and Florence) and England (London).

Any tips? Any advice? Any recommendations?

If you do have that spare minute to provide any of the following I would appreciate it very much.
If you have any blogs that you have stumbled upon while doing your own personal research and wouldn’t mind hooking a sister up with that link I would love you to the moon and back 🙂

Thank you so much for reading and following!
I don’t think I say this enough, but you all rock!



4 thoughts on “Planning out My Vacation- France, Italy & the UK.

  1. Look for “The Rough Guide to . . ” whichever country you want to visit. We have traveled extensively in France, Spain and the USA using them. They’re brilliant.

  2. I’ve never visited yet but you should try to learn some of the language, my favorite free language program is Live Mocha and you can try to learn several languages at once (or at least, pick up basics!).

    Definitely get some comfortable walking shoes! I’ve been eyeing Tieks for an adventure abroad but they’re so freaking expensive (traveling & comfort is my way of justifying the cost).

    I’m a huge Yelper and I know Paris has a great functioning page 🙂 Check out foreign businesses before hand!

    You should definitely put together a blog post of how you planned and where you went after the trip. I’ve been wanting to plan a Europe trip so it’ll be really helpful and interesting if you could post an itinerary. Anyways, I hope you have tons of fun, the trip sounds super exciting!!!

    1. Thanks I am really excited! Yes I will definitely put together a blog post on how I planned this whole thing out. I have to find a really good comfortable pair of shoes that will match most of my outfits, I guess I better get on that! I have also looked at Tieks, but I am not sure they would be worth it if they get messed up with all of the walking I will be doing. I will have to check out Yelp for food and entertainment recommendations while I am in Paris.

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